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"Ohp! Where are you going? Nowhere. Not going anywhere. Got you trapped like a little jumpsuited rat." - Wheatley

Name: Chell
Canon: Portal 2
Info Links: Chell's Page at the Combine OverWiki | Chell's Page at The Portal Wiki | Chell's Page at Wikipedia | Chell Information Links
Other Info: Since Chell does not speak in the games Portal or Portal 2, this character could be considered an Original Character using the context of the game to create her personality.
Played By: [personal profile] mewtwowarrior
Places Played At:
[community profile] bakerstreet
[community profile] betterplace [Mayfield Musebox]
[community profile] mayfield_rpg - Application
[community profile] memelicious

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Chell's How's My Driving Post?

General How's My Driving? post for all of my characters.

Chell, GLaDOS, Wheatley, the Curiosity Core, and Portal are owned by Valve Corporation. I do not own the character or the media they are from. This account is solely for roleplaying purposes and fun.

Any crit, questions, or comments about this character can be directed to [personal profile] mewtwowarrior or Chell's personal How's My Driving? post or posted to my general How's My Driving? post. Thanks!
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